Wendy Kahn


Wendy Kahn is an Active Philanthropist in the City of Charlotte. Married for more than 15 years to Michael A. Kahn. They presently live with their two Sons Michael Jr. & Luke Kahn who are 10 & 12 years old. As owners of the Charlotte Checkers and Carolina Hurricanes, she comes with a strong background in family values, and a reputation built on giving back to the community. Wendy has an educational background in several areas of communications and journalism and is a successful entrepreneur. Graduating from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting she is currently pioneering in the music digital age with her online Uninterrupted Radio Station and Artist Blog #rBeatZRadio.com and #rBeatZ.com, supplying listeners and viewers with artist interviews, the latest in music updates, and Blogs. “My Goal in participation with Always Believe is to develop skill sets for our students to have a clear understanding of how they learn. How to advocate for that, in order to develop the fundamentals of reading, written, expression and arithmetic Rode style…. With this, we can build the confidence in each student as they learn their ability. Not only grow them in whatever profession they so choose but through the rest of their life’s journey.”