MB Family Scholarship Fund

Central Piedmont Community CollegeThe MBFF partners with the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Foundation to administer scholarships to income-eligible students enrolled in skilled trade programs at CPCC. In 2020 – its inaugural year – four $2,500 scholarships were awarded to students at CPCC.

For the 2020-2021 academic school year, the Muggsy Bogues Family Scholarship Fund received 794 applications of which 182 students qualified. This list was narrowed down to 35 based on top GPAs and four students were selected by the Foundation Scholarship Committee based on application, enrollment, and financial need.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship can CLICK HERE for the CPCC application.

For a list of eligible programs at CPCC, please CLICK HERE.

2020-21 Scholarship Recipients

Rushit Patel, Information Technology, May 2021 Graduation

Marni Howe, Dental Hygiene, July 2021 Graduation

Taylor Medlin, Dental Assisting, August 2021 Graduation

Maddison Oakes, Dental Assisting, August 2021 Graduation