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Holiday Labor of Love
The Knafelz family volunteers for the 2021 Holiday Labor of Love.

Holiday Labor of Love

Although there are many families in the Charlotte community who need assistance year-round, it is especially rewarding to offer a food distribution program for at-risk families during the holiday season. The Holiday Labor of Love does just that. Holiday joy come with food boxes, turkeys, pies, water, grocery gift cards, fun giveaways, and more. The MBFF also distributes holiday gift bags to women and children living at the Salvation Army Center of Hope due to homelessness.

The 2021 Holiday Labor of Love event reached 93 families (376 individuals). Our 2022 event will be held on December 17 with a goal to reach 125 families.

“I was homeless for 10 years. I lost my job in corporate America and then lost my home. In 2021, I was able to get into an apartment and RunningWorks signed me up for the Muggsy Bogues food distribution events. Receiving food was such a blessing. I was so thankful for it because I didn’t know what else I would do. During the holidays people feel left out. When others take time to remember us and reach out it’s so kind and thoughtful. At the Thanksgiving event I didn’t realize who Muggsy Bogues was at first and then he was right there passing out food and talking with everyone. At the next holiday event, I was able to personally say thank you and tell him he is a blessing to all of us. A lot of times famous people don’t do the hard work, but Muggsy does. I could tell he is genuinely a good person. That speaks volumes to me. It’s a great initiative that helps a lot of people. I could drive through for the food pick-up, and I got my COVID booster shot, too. They made it so convenient for all of us.”
- V. Harper, Food Recipient / Partner Agency is RunningWorks

If your agency serves at-risk youth and families who are facing food insecurity, please E-MAIL OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR to learn more about our food distribution program and how your organization can become a partner agency.

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors and partners! We appreciate all you do to support the families we serve. Please consider becoming a Labor of Love sponsor. CLICK HERE for details.

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