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Thanksgiving Labor of Love

Volunteers from Wells Fargo assist with filling food bags with items donated by Food Lion
Volunteers from Wells Fargo assist with filling food bags with items donated by Food Lion

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make our Thanksgiving Labor of Love food distribution event a success. This includes about 40 volunteers who worked hard all day on their Saturday to help us serve the community. We also thank our friends and partners at Freedom Communities who so generously hosted this event on their campus. We reached 95 underserved families at this event. Additional food bags were provided to Freedom Communities and the Parkview Community Foundation to directly help their clients in need.

Mrs. Gwendolyn Johnson, founder of the Parkview Community Foundation, attended our event. The MBFF was happy to provide her with perishable and nonperishable food bags and turkeys to help her host her annual Community Thanksgiving Day Meal. The Parkview Community Foundation is located on the west side of Charlotte near Freedom Drive.

According to Mrs. Johnson, “The children of Parkview face high rates of addiction and incarceration among parents and are unsupervised after school and well into the night, and at other times when school is not in session. Neglect is common to the children of Parkview. That is why we are committed to the enrichment of the lives of our children. I want Muggsy to know how much what he did means to me and my community.” 

Thank You To Our Partner Agencies

Besides the food families receive, the MBFF also arranges for workforce development providers, preventive health services, and other resources to be onsite to engage with participants. At our Thanksgiving Labor of Love, these partners played a huge role in our success:

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